Functional Plant Medicine Health Consultant

My Personal Story

There I was, 38 years old. Married to the love of my life. 2 awesome kids. Successful career as a Nurse Practitioner. I was miserable. And I didn’t even know it!

I was a zombie, barely making it through the day. Not one of those slow moving zombies. I was a zombie on crack. Always go, go, go. Devoid of emotion. Constantly running through the never ending checklists in my head. Just trying to suck it up and muscle it through the day.

From the moment I woke up in the middle of night unable to fall back asleep to the moment I went to bed, my day was dictated by a clock. I was exhausted, sleeping like crap, had no energy, stressed, and my brain fog was horrible.

In spite of trying every diet, latest fad and sacrificing sleep to exercise, I was still carrying the baby weight 5 years postpartum. Which at that point, I’m pretty sure it’s not baby weight, just weight. 

 I knew I wasn’t going to find my answers at a conventional doctor’s office. How was I so certain? Because I spent decades in the conventional medical model and 7 years as a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.  I knew this story; maybe some labs where I would be told ‘everything looks normal” then que the antidepressant. I knew a better way was out there. 

Fast forward a year and enter Functional Medicine and Plant Medicine. Sleeping through the night. Check. Waking up rested, 5-10 minutes before my alarm. Check. No longer bloated. Check. Clear vibrant skin. Check. Focus, energy, happiness, reconnection with the most important relationships in my life. Check, check, check & check!


Melanie Cross MSN, NP-C, FMP

My Education & Experience


  • Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner
    Regis University
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    Regis University
  • Bachelors of Science in Biology with minor in Anatomy and Neurobiology
    Colorado State University
  • AFMC Certified – School of Applied Functional Medicine


  • Over 20 years of healthcare experience in variety of settings and roles
  • Family Nurse Practitioner since 2010 in Family Medicine, ENT, Integrative and Functional Medicine
  • Clinical Faculty for online residency program for NPs and PAs since 2019
  • Registered Nurse in Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department

Professional Organizations

  • International Association of Psychedelic Nurses- Board of Directors
  • American Cannabis Nurses Association

My Approach

Getting healthy doesn’t have to suck. It can be fun. Seriously. Through our work together, we figure out exactly what’s going on in your body and how your surroundings are impacting your health. It isn’t about deprivation, restriction and what you can’t do.

We peel back the onion, looking for your root cause of your symptoms and address those. No more BS bandaid for your symptoms. Easy, simple choices which have big impact. If you’re looking for perfection, I’m not your gal. If you’re looking for realistic changes you can make and sustain, that’s me!


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