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What is Functional Medicine?

At it’s most basic level, finding out what the hell is going on with you and why.  Utilizing the uncovered root cause we can apply a personalized approach to your heal your body from the inside out. Through a combination of  genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge advanced biomarkers together we can get you well and keep you well.

What is Functional Plant Medicine?

You’re probably already thinking Functional Medicine is exactly what you need, and I have you covered. But why stop there? What makes Crossable Health unique is the expertise in using plants as medicine. Plant medicine, often cannabis, makes getting relief easier and more fun while simultaneously uncovering the root cause and correcting the imbalance.

Are you Just “Getting By”?

Have you finally made that appointment to get your disruptive symptoms checked only to experience a 15 minute visit, routine labs and a doctor declaration that ‘you’re fine’.  Perhaps you were even given a prescription as a bandaid and never had the opportunity to uncover the root cause of your symptoms? If you are struggling with symptoms, it doesn’t have to be this way .




Anxiety & Depression


No Energy


Brain Fog




Skin Issues


Stubborn Weight


Chronic Pain


GI Issues


Hormone Imbalance


Autoimmune Conditions


Feeling like Crap

Melanie Cross, Nurse Practitioner turned Functional Plant Medicine Health Consultant.


I’m Melanie Cross, Nurse Practitioner turned Functional Plant Medicine Health Consultant. Why the career change? With over 20 years in conventional medicine, I experienced the opposite side of the chair. With two young children and a demanding career, I found my own health in shambles. Brain fog, no energy, stressed, stubborn weight, anxiety; I knew something was not right. A 10 minute doctor visit, normal labs and an anti-depressant prescription; I finally recognized the system was flawed.

I didn’t know how badly I felt, until I felt better. 

After my own Functional Plant Medicine Journey, I realized I didn’t know it was possible to ever feel this good. Now, I am on a mission to help givers go from feeling crappy to happy. 

Crossable Health

“Crossable Health takes the guess-work out of what you need to finally get to where you want to be."

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